Selena Gomez (Reuters)
Selena Gomez (Reuters)Reuters

The drama surrounding Justin Bieber's relationship with Selena Gomez is getting intense day by day, with a new report claiming that the Canadian pop star proposed to his on-again off-again girlfriend. However, she is said to have turned down his marriage proposal due to his alleged cheating ways.

Bieber was reportedly caught shopping for an engagement ring on June 24, following which he immediately popped the question to Gomez, a Life & Style report claims. However, she turned him down.

"Justin has told Selena he will marry her. They're young, but feel like they have a deep connection that no one else can break," a source said, adding that their desire to be together only increased after several friends and family members objected to their union.

"Right now, Selena and Justin feel like it's them against the world, since her family and friends don't want them to be together," HollywoodLife quoted the Life & Style source as saying.

But Gomez allegedly decided to put off accepting the proposal, as she wanted Bieber to "prove to her that he's serious and stop cheating on her."

Sadly, he ended up doing the opposite a week later after Bieber was spotted hanging out with Miami model Chantel Jeffries.

A source told HollywoodLife that Bieber feels he has unfinished business with the model, and that he is grateful that she never sold him out during his trying times. "He thinks she's he's down to show her some love, especially when he's fighting with Selena," the source said.

Jeffries is the girl who was with Bieber during his January DUI arrest, and multiple reports stated that Gomez is not too happy with Bieber's budding relationship with the model.

Last week, Jeffries was reportedly spotted leaving Bieber's Los Angeles home, and a few days later, the model shared online a picture of hers with the "Baby" singer. Jeffries' return to the scene has irked Gomez, and Bieber has made matters worse by allegedly singing about hooking up with Jeffries in the remix of Trey Songz's "Foreign."

Interestingly, another HollywoodLife source added that Bieber's engagement plans, too, were a ploy to keep Gomez happy, and that he has no intention of settling down anytime soon.

Bieber plans to marry Gomez only if he gets her pregnant, the source added.

"Justin's engagement plans are hot air," the source said. "He tells Selena things she wants to hear, but he is having too much fun being with her and flirting with other girls. He would only marry her if he got her pregnant, which he is not hoping for or gearing toward anytime soon."