Sridevi and Rajinikanth have done countless films together which went on to become great successes. The two actors also shared a deep bond as close friends. However, there was one time that Sridevi was forced to spit on Rajinikanth for a scene in a film. 

When Sridevi spat on Rajinikanth

16 Vayathinile was one of the biggest hits in 1977 in the Tamil film industry. The films star cast featured Sridevi, Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth in lead roles. The film touched the hearts of the audience and invited huge praise from critics for the soul-stirring performances.

Sridevi and Rajinikanth
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The film followed a 16-year-old girl Mayil life played by Sridevi. Rajinikanth was playing Parattai the negative character lusting after Sridevi's character Mayil. In one of the scenes, Sridevi had to spit on Rajinikanth's face. The actress knowing she had to do it was very uncomfortable and hesitant to do so. 

Rajinikanth was a newcomer in the industry back then and there was going to be no body-double for the shot. They gave many retakes but it wasn't coming out well. Rajinikanth himself approached Sridevi and gave her permission to spit on him and told her to do it so that the scene would look seamless and perfect. They were then able to shoot the scene. 

16 Vayathinile

16 Vayathinile faced a lot of roadblocks and many thought it wouldn't do well. Since the budget for the film was limited, when Mayil had to run in slow motion, they didn't have a camera that could shoot it, so Sridevi had to run in slow motion herself. After the film's success, there was no looking back the two worked on an endless list of films thereon like Zulm Ki Zanjeer, Mahaguru, Ghair Kanoon, Chalbaaz, Farishtey and many more. There will be no two actors like them. Rajinikanth himself revealed that Sridevi was his favourite co-star to work with.