Actors often bond before they start a project together and they become good friends by the time they wrap up the project. Jacqueline Fernandez and Varun Dhawan, who will be seen in Rohit Dhawan's "Dishoom", recently finished a two-week long schedule in Morocco, where they had a lot of fun.

After a shirtless photo of Varun was uploaded on Jacqueline's Instagram account, it was being speculated if the two had become 'close' friends; turns out they have.

"He shares my sense of humour. Last week, he took my phone and started posting random pictures on my Instagram account. When I asked him to stop, he posted a shirtless picture of himself and tagged it, 'My Varun, the best in the world. He's an angel and a voice of reason in troubled times, taught me so much," Mumbai Mirror quoted the actress as saying.

Jacqueline, who is a close friend of Sonam Kapoor, is now warming up to Varun as well. Together, they have adopted a monkey and are eagerly waiting for it to arrive once the formalities are done.

The actress also spilled the beans about a joke Salman Khan had cracked a few weeks ago. Defending the superstar, she said they weren't "cut-off", adding that he never meant the remark.

"I find it funny when people say that we're 'cut off'. Salman would never disrespect me or any woman. Even if he did say that he had Kick-ed me out of Kick 2, it wasn't meant to hurt me. Casting is his decision, he doesn't owe me anything. Our relationship goes beyond professional commitments," she further elaborated.

Check out the photo below: