• Controversial godwoman Radhe Maa in red mini-skirt.Twitter
  • Self-styled godwoman Radhe MaaTwitter

Controversial godwoman Radhe Maa has at last opened up about the notorious red dress, which made her an Internet sensation. Pictures showing her in the red mini-skirt, which were circulated on social media platforms, has earned her many critics.

It was a gift from her beloved devotees, which she simply could not refuse, she told the Bangalore Mirror.

"I went out on a trip with a group of families that are my devotees and that are very close to me. They gave me those clothes and wanted me to wear them. There is nothing wrong in those clothes nor are they obscene. And who told you sadhus and sadhvis have to dress in a particular manner?" Radhe Maa told the daily. 

"I dress in whatever clothes my devotees give me. They dress me up and they apply the makeup," she elaborated.

She added that she listens to her disciples and if they are happy, she too will be appeased.

Several Hindu leaders slammed the godwoman for her opulent lifestyle, remarking that she is not eligible to become a sadhvi. However, Radhe Maa said she does not have a "good enough bank balance."

"I have only Rs 8 to Rs 10 lakh with me," she said, "You can get the CBI to investigate this and I can promise you that even they won't find anything. And if you are talking about how I dress, like I told you I am dressed the way my bhakts dress me up. And I find nothing wrong in it."

When asked about the image leak, she said, "I don't know. May be some people want to malign my image. They were spread in the media deliberately. They are my personal photos."

BJP leader Rahul Mahajan had reportedly leaked the photos of the controversial godwoman. Radhe Maa, who has several devotees including Bollywood celebreties, is considered the incarnation of goddess Durga by many of her followers.