Battlefield Hardline
Battlefield: Hardline will be game focusing on cops vs.

The next iteration of Battlefield 4 will naturally be Battlefield. However, fans hoping to see Battlefield 5 in 2015 might be disappointed as report from analysts suggest that it will be releasing only in 2016.

Analysts at Stern Agee have opined that EA is not likely to release its follow-up of Battlefield 4 anytime in 2015. Their observation is based on three important reasons, reported IGN.

Reason 1: EA wants to avoid the 'franchise fatigue' that might grip Battlefield 5. Though the company released Battlefield 4 on 29 October 2013, the server problems encountered during the launch plagued the company for a long time. EA is also set to release Battlefield Hardline in March 2015 so if it releases Battlefield 5, it might gain poor response from fans.

Reason 2: EA is focusing on the upcoming action shooter game that is based on Star Wars film series that is being developed by DICE. The game is expected to be released in the summer of 2015. It is confident that the game will perform well. Such confidence from EA is definitely helpful for the game.

Reason 3: EA will also need more time to develop Battlefield 5 after many fans lost trust in the franchise following the problematic launch related issues with Battlefield 4. EA cannot take chances with Battlefield 5.

Meanwhile, Ian Milham the creative director of Battlefield Hardline has said that Battlefield 5 and Hardline can live side-by-side. He argued that since Hardline is a cops vs robbers story and does not follow the usual pattern of Battlefield franchises, it can continue to exist even if Battlefield 5 is released.

"I think we are making something different from the core of Battlefield that is being made and I think they can live along next to each other," he said to IGN. "And whatever gets made next and whenever the next Battlefield comes along, I don't think it necessarily replaces this one."

Previously, Patrick Bach, the series producer said way back in October 2013 that any possible Battlefield 5 will have "More features. More extras. More destruction," in the game.

After numerous delays and changes in release dates, EA has said it will be rolling out Battlefield Hardline on 31 March 2015.