Us Arsenal fans have a lot on our plates at the moment, some of which were alleviated after the weekend result against Stoke – importantly, Theo and Giroud scored. There has been constant criticism for the boss (Arsene Wenger), owing to the fact that they became the only team in Europe not to bring in an outfield player, especially a striker.

But what we cannot have in real life, we make sure we get in the virtual, via the likes of FIFA and PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) – two prominent names in football titles each year.

However, it seems like the Gooner fans won't be happy how Konami and its PES title for the year have treated most of our players this year – graphically, that is.

Now, Konami's PES may not have access to all the big name licenses for clubs and stadiums like FIFA, but what it doesn't have, it makes sure to compensate the same with some mind-blowing graphics for the game.

However, we wish we could have said the same for the graphics that's involved with the players in our team. First of all, as far as gameplay is concerned, PES remains as enticing as ever, and can any day give EA's FIFA a run for its money.

However, some shoddy graphics for the Arsenal team may see Konami's game become public enemy number one in the eyes of Arsenal fans.

Recently, Redditor Jam34 uploaded a few shots of some of our lads, as depicted by PES. And needless to say, apart from the one for Santi Cazorla, all of them look like dinosaurs straight out of the FIFA 2002 era.

To be precise, we are shocked. And so should you, if you support the Gunners. Check a few of them out here.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Metro]