#goingsolo has been trending since yesterday on Twitter and Instagram. And the reason for that is simple. Women bikers, celebs, twitterati and ordinary women have been using the handle to share their own #goingsolo stories. It all started with Gorilla Shorts releasing the third short film of Offbeats S1, titled Solo on their YouTube channel on the occasion of Women's Day.

Solo is a soul stirring story of a woman biker who decides to ride her bullet all alone on the highway of life. The film immediately triggered a conversation among women about #goingsolo in life, in the pursuit of happiness, ambition or passions. Women Bikers, chefs, entrepreneurs and even housewives tweeted and posted about their own experiences. Soon celebrated actors like Sayani Gupta, Flora Saini, Mahie Gill and Shahana Goswami also joined into the conversation.

Sayani Gupta tweeted, It is never easy for someone #goingsolo but then, as Tagore had said.. "Jodi Tor Dak Shune Keu Na Ase Tobe Ekla Cholo Re." You got to do, what you gotta do! Sometimes we have to chalk our own path hoping for the best!"

While, Flora Saini, added, #goingsolo has been my go-to mantra. It seemed difficult but, gradually with time, patience and God's blessings I set my footings in the industry, things started falling in place. Of course there have been ups and downs, but who says we can't handle them !? Today right from taking all my decisions to implementing my decision it is all me. Yes! There are my supporters who have played their part but, trust me nothing keeps you going best, than yourself. Going solo, going stronger!"

Flora Saini
Flora SainiTwitter

While, Shahana Goswami too took to twitter and shared, "Love thy neighbour, love your family, your friends, always be there for them. What about being there for yourself, spending time with yourself, learning how to love yourself
and be comfortable with yourself. Very few people encourage you to get to know yourself and spend quality time with yourself, as a matter of choice. I have learnt to greatly enjoy that time with myself. Going for meals, watching movies, travelling the world - I love #GoingSolo. I'm my best company and I'm happy to have that comfort in myself."

Mahie Gill recently learnt to ride a bike for her latest film and says that "For me #GoingSolo is a choice we all make at some point in time. Be it woman's Day or otherwise I will always be proud of the films I have done and the choices I
have made. Infact, every film gives me a new experience. Going solo is like an expression of freedom and power. Every woman will have a story when they went solo. Let the world know your story!"

Ambar Chakravarty, director SOLO, adds "#goingsolo has taken the shape of a movement with universal appeal. An independent woman has always been seen with scepticism and they have taken up this moment as an expression to go beyond this mindset. We have received stories of not only women but gender fluid people, the trans community and men who have struggled and survived societal pressure on being solo. I am glad our film could do this to people.

Nargis and Arjun have acted fantastically in the film and Medha's song has gripped everyone with surprise.

"Solo is the third film of Offbeats Season 1 which is streaming now on the Gorilla Short YouTube Channel. The other two films released earlier, Station Master Phool Kumar starring Namit Das and Chaddi starring Flora Saini have met with hugely positive response. The distinctive storyline of the film Solo revolving around a woman biker appears to have struck a chord with women. It has reignited the investigations into the question of female agency and has made a few pertinent points to those who doubted women and their achievements. In fact, the film has become a talking point for women bikers who have been on the road and feel this portrays their journeys on the big screen. It gives their adventures a voice and validation that was missing."

Sayani Gupta
Sayani GuptaTwitter

Other quotes from eminent personalities on #goingsolo.

Niti Taylor:- Actor

"When I entered the world of entertainment it was a place full of familiar places and amidst all of it one learning that everyone gave me was no matter what comes, trust in yourself. It is an industry where #GoingSolo gives you strength. It shows the world the power of one. Today when I have my own YouTube Channel there are new challenges associated with it. But one thing that keeps me up and running is the idea of my own inherent power. #GoingSolo is not a weakness it is a strength of a woman. Happy woman's Day. Do share your #GoingSolo stories too."

Shashaa Tirupati:- Singer and Composer

"I left home at about 18 years of age, from Canada to Mumbai, on my own, to make a career in Bollywood as a singer. I had begun solo backpacking when I was about 16 years old, to places closer to home, and to more exotic locations over the years. Italy, Northern Ireland and Ireland were my last few destinations. And with every year I travelled, I realized how much we underestimate our strength on a physical, psychological and emotional level as women. The primary thought that perhaps comes to mind with solo travelling to most women is the very thought of travelling ALONE. Which stems from, or alternatively leads to, fear and the lack of a sense of safety and protection, often and quite naturally, from a male counterpart. From my very first trip to the more recent ones, the one thing I've learnt and follow is: making the right choices and
decisions to the best of our abilities from the plethora of resources we have available. Fore-mostly, we have unlimited access to information with the internet.

Furthermore, we are social animals, so we can interact and gain as much information as we like from people around us: the locals. We can read and follow instructions and suggestions. We are (mostly) reasonable, so doing a lot of the research before booking a safe accomodation, or finding out which locales to avoid, or where food may not be the most suitable for consumption, what the local culture shuns and allows, or how late and under the influence of how much alcohol we should be meandering through questionable streets, all makes us be a little more in control of our experiences, gender and external factors aside.

And after your first solo trip, hiccups and accomplishments intact, the sense of fulfilment of having been able to make your own decisions, on your own terms, having met and interacted with dozens of others lost and found like yourself and having seen how minuscule we are on the mammoth sets of the world is unmatchable. It's all in the mind, they say. I do too. We are stronger than we think, we just refrain from taking risks or doubt our competency. Jump In! And trust me, you'll end up guiding your male friends with solo travel butterflies ! Haha."

Ruhi Singh :- Model and Bollywood Actress

"I have always been independent and I have always loved my freedom. As they
famously say that a plant can't grow if you keep it in a box but if it left in the jungle it will grow to its full potential.

Similarly it is very important to have the space to breath and grow. And #GoingSolo has always been my motto in life. I love travelling alone. I have been to Ladakh and various other expeditions alone and I believe that I am my own best friend. In Mumbai I love alone and I have managed everything on my own. And this has been my most fruitful learning curve in my life. "