Forget divorce and pregnancy rumours, Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney are now in the news for all-new reasons. The couple is apparently on different pages when it comes to which friends to hang out with. According to the latest reports, the human rights lawyer cannot stand actor husband's BFF Cindy Crawford and has been reportedly avoiding her.  

In the recent past, various reports have spoken of how Amal has been spending a lot of time with George Clooney's friends in the last couple of months. But apparently, she has been avoiding Cindy and making no efforts to become friends with the former model.

A new report in OK! has claimed that despite George Clooney and Randy Gerber being close friends and business associates, their wives Amal and Cindy have failed to get into the "friends zone".

An insider has said that Amal "doesn't really like Crawford at all." The insider further told the website that though both the couples have their vacation homes in the same vicinity — Cabo San Lucas, Mexico — Amal avoids spending time with Cindy and doesn't quite enjoy her company during their getaways and on Casamigos Tequila business trips.

And efforts put in by Clooney and Gerber to bring their wives together are reportedly proving to be futile. The report said that during their recent trip, George and Randy arranged for a spa date for their wives, but Amal refused to go.

"She said she had a headache, but no one bought the excuse. Cindy's been a good sport and has tried to win Amal over, but it's been an uphill battle," the source said.

The report further states that George and Randy Gerber have been planning to spend Christmas in Mexico, while Amal, who has been feuding with Cindy Crawford, has refused to play along.

"While Cindy has dealt with snooty Amal 'very graciously, both women are telling their men that they can forget about a feliz navidad south of the border," the source said.

"Amal would rather spend the holiday in London with her family -- and that Cindy isn't really fond of the holiday trip idea either," the source added.

This apparently has left the husbands heartbroken. "The boys are sad — they love spending time together, and it's looking like they'll just have to start vacationing without their wives," an insider shared.

Well, it looks like George Clooney and Randy Gerber have been put in a real fix because of their feuding wives Amal Alamuddin and Cindy Crawford.