Tamanna Simhadri

Usually, wild car entry in Bigg Boss happens after the actual contestants spend four to five weeks in the house. But Tamanna Simhadri's entry happened just within two weeks after the show went on air. Her entry was a shock and surprise to many contestants, as well as the audience too. She spent just two weeks in the house and has been eliminated.

As per the latest update, we have learnt that her entry into the house has been a planned one and unlike any other contestant, she being part of the show is something that has been planned by a mastermind.

It is said that there have been many 'high command' calls to send her into the show. In other words, they can be called black mail calls too. She has targeted many contestants in the house and has received negative comments for her behaviour. Well, it was expected that she would be the one who will be eliminated from the house and it has become true, too soon.

In the speech that she has given while leaving the show, she said that entering the house has been a wish and dream for her and that it has finally become true. This makes her audience doubt on what they have heard and the rumours that have been doing rounds.

Now many of the audience have also expressed views that this could have been possible because she is a social activist and has a political background too.

Well, all these have been speculations and could not be confirmed.