Tommy Chong
Tommy Chong gets eliminated from 'The Masked Singer'.Gettyimages

After a huge success in South Korea as 'King Of Mask Singer', Fox brings the show as 'The Masked Singer' to North America and ever since its first episode, it has become a huge hit.

With more than nine million views, as per Nielsen statistics, the format of the show has been receiving a ton of positive response. The format has 12 celebrities dressed in a head-to-toe costume, who compete against each other and at the end of every episode, one celebrity gets eliminated, after which they have to unmask and reveal themselves.

Fox has been taking a lot of care to keep the identities of the celebrities a secret. From arranging a pick up from home facility to carefully choosing whom to invite on the show, so that once they unmask themselves, the audience will no longer be left wondering 'Who is he or she?'. The network is taking every step to ensure that the identities are kept secret throughout.

The second episode of the show saw Rabbit, Alien, Pineaple, Raven, Poodle and Bee compete with each other. And at the end of the night, another identity was revealed. After Pittsburg Steelers, it was Antonio Brown, who was dressed as a Hippo and revealed his identity following the elimination.

In fact, Rabbit and Alien went down first. Both the masked celebrities are not new to the show business both have spent have a fair share of their time being in the public eye, as was told by them in the introduction clip. While the judges thought that Rabbit can be a comedian, Alien gave out vibes of being a model. Ken Jeong even went ahead and predicted that the Alien might be one of the Kardashians, to be precise, Kourtney Kardashian. Rabbit won the face-off.

Next up was Raven and Pineapple against each other. Both the contestants have had to go through a tragedy, in recent years. Raven declared that she "suffered a tragic loss, so doing this show gives me the opportunity to honor my beloved." Pineapple had also recently suffered from a life-threatening disease coupled with his stoner vibe with a non-professional but fun singing performance. It made the judges assume that it could be anyone from Mathew McCaughnahey to Adam Sandler to Tommy Chong. Raven finally won against Pineapple and that put him in the bottom along with Alien.

The final face-off was between Bee and Poodle. Both the contestants rocked the stage with their enthralling performances on stage. While the Bee performed "Chandelier" by Sia, Poodle performed "Heartbreaker" by Pat Benatar. Poodle had a rainbow in one of her reel and that made the judges guess that she might be a part of LGBT community. Bee's "pitch perfect" voice gave Mc Carthy goosebumps and when Nicole Schrezinger learned from her that she started singing in the 1950's, Schrezinger settled for Dionne Warwick. So, without any doubt Bee won the face-off that put Poodle, Pineapple and Alien at the bottom.

After the six mystery contestants had performed, the judges had to vote. In the vote they decided to vote Pineapple. The panellists last guesses were from Sugar Ray Leonard to Kid Rock but, when Pineapple took off his mask, It was McCarthy's guess that was right – the man behind the mask was none other than Tommy Chong.