Who is the 21-year-old sword attacker behind the Darth Vader mask responsible for carrying out Sweden's bloodiest school attack on Thursday? Many online users are hunting for an answer to this question.

On the popular micro-blogging website, Twitter, many social media users were quick to point their fingers at Muslims. Was a Muslim man behind the attack at the school in Trollhattan, western Sweden? It does not seem so, especially since the attacker was wearing a Star Wars costume.

The witnesses claimed that they saw a person walk into the school armed with a sword wearing a black Star Wars mask. The police later shot and killed the masked attacker.

Two people - a male teacher and a pupil have died and three others were injured in the sword attack.

According to a Daily Mail report, the attacker is a 21-year-old former pupil of the school, where some 400 students from the local community in Trollhattan, aged between six and 15 study.

The attacker reportedly even took a selfie with two girls at the school before he stabbed a teacher. A school girl, who did not want to be identified, told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that they thought it was a Halloween prank.

School attacks are a rare occurrence in the peaceful country of Sweden. The last school shooting took place in 1961 in Kungalv, in south-western Sweden, in which one person was killed and six others were injured.

Twitter reactions

The Thinker ‏@ThaThinkingMan 

Muslim man with sword kills teacher and student in Sweden. https://twitter.com/ThaThinkingMan/status/657189644715630594

ArtÅ«ras Caturianas ‏@Arturas_C 

99% likely that the Trollhattan sword attacker was Muslim. If the media say "The motive is unclear', it rises to 100% #Sweden

Jose ‏@JoeTheMailman 

Sword attack at Swedish school: Teacher killed, 2 students~another teacher injured ~ Was it a MUSLIM attacker?

Luna Baker ‏@rhwita 

They didn't mention the religion of who attacked a school in Sweden, does that mean he's not muslim?