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TV broadcaster Renee Jane Paquette has made history in WWE as she is set to become the first-ever female commentator in the wrestling shows Raw and SmackDown.

WWE has officially reinstated Young as one of the commentators who will be filling in for Jonathan Coachman. She will join Corey Graves and Michael Cole for the three-hour-long WWE's flagship television programme on August 13. She will be the first female commentator in the history of WWE.

Although several women have commentated for certain matches, however, this will be the first time a female broadcaster will be commentating for a full episode of Monday Night Raw. Young was thrilled when she heard the news. "This means a lot to me - to be able to open the doors for more women to be able to get this ball rolling, get our voices out there and have us finally be heard," she told WWE in an exclusive.

"I feel like my brain has received this information and my heart has received this information but they're like trying to meet in the middle to figure out exactly what to do," she added.

Since the announcement, a lot of people have shown their appreciation for Young. John "Bradshaw" Layfield or JBL had also given her advice for her new role in WWE. Young said: 'JBL slid into my DM's, which was really nice, and he actually had some really great words of encouragement and some advice, mostly to not look on social media."

Former WWE champion Triple H, Former WWE women's champion Charlotte Flair, and many others have congratulated Young for her achievement.