In the much-awaited film Aadujeevitham, starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, audiences are eager to witness Najeeb's captivating journey on the big screen. But who is Najeeb, and what is the true story behind the inspiration for this remarkable film? Let's delve in to the story

Najeeb, the central character of Aadujeevitham, has touched the hearts of readers since the release of the novel in 2008. Authored by Benyamin, the book has garnered widespread acclaim, translated into eight languages, and is now in its 130th edition. Yet, Najeeb isn't merely a figment of the author's imagination; he is a real person whose extraordinary life inspired one of Malayalam literature's most beloved novels.

Who is Najeeb?

Born and raised in Aarattupuzha village, Haripad, Alappuzha, Najeeb faced the common struggle of many young individuals without job prospects. In 1993, with his wife eight months pregnant, Najeeb set out for Saudi Arabia, lured by the promise of a job at a supermarket. However, upon arrival, he discovered the harsh reality of being deceived. Instead of the promised job, Najeeb found himself stranded in a remote Saudi village, subjected to cruel treatment by his boss, Arbab.

For two grueling years, Najeeb endured unimaginable hardships, forced to care for 700 goats without pay and living in squalid conditions. His desperate situation only worsened as his boss's cruelty escalated, leaving Najeeb feeling like a prisoner in the unforgiving desert.

However, amidst the darkness, Najeeb found a glimmer of hope. Seizing an opportunity when his boss was away, Najeeb embarked on a perilous journey to freedom, traversing miles without water until he encountered a compassionate Arab who aided his escape to Jeddah.


Though his ordeal didn't end there, Najeeb's resilience ultimately led him back to Kerala, where he was reunited with his family, marking the end of his harrowing journey.

Najeeb's story isn't just one of survival; it's a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the triumph of hope over despair. Through his resilience and determination, Najeeb emerged as a real-life hero, inspiring countless others with his unwavering courage.

Now, Najeeb's extraordinary tale will come to life on the silver screen in Aadujeevitham, offering audiences a poignant portrayal of one man's remarkable journey of survival and redemption. With Prithviraj Sukumaran bringing Najeeb's story to life, viewers can anticipate a cinematic experience that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and honors the enduring legacy of Najeeb's unforgettable journey.