Who is Michelle Wu
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Boston City Councilor, Michelle Wu has officially announced that she's running for mayor in 2021.The Councilor announced her candidacy on Tuesday in three different languages, highlighting her goals if she's to become to city mayor.

Wu's video touches upon various issues, including the needs of marginalised communities that have gone ignored, public health, housing and transportation.

"I'm a mom, a daughter of immigrants, and I've lived my whole life knowing what it's like to feel unseen and unheard, even when you most need help," Wu said in the video.

Who is Michelle Wu?

Who is Michelle Wu
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Michelle Wu was born in 1985 and is a lawyer by profession. She's also a member of the Boston City Council, making her the first Taiwanese American and first Asian American woman to serve on the council. At 35, Wu is the youngest current member of the city council.

Wu graduated from Harvard Law School in 2012. On the political front, Wu has come in conflict with mayor Marty Walsh over various issues, including initiatives taken to battle COVID-19 pandemic.

On the personal front, Wu is married to her long-time boyfriend Conor Pewarski. She has two sons and she lives in Boston's Roslindale neighbourhood.