Roberto Di Matteo
Ex-Chelsea coach Roberto Di MatteoReuters

The sudden sacking of manager Roberto Di Matteo has not gone down well with Chelsea fans, as many think club owner Roman Abramovich was too harsh on the man responsible for the team's FA Cup and Champions League wins.

Chelsea brutally sacked manager Di Matteo on Wednesday, just 263 days after taking up the mettle from Andre Villas-Boas in March, and the decision came after Chelsea lost 0-3 to Juventus in a crucial UEFA Champions group match on Tuesday night.

Many think Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich was too harsh on the man who brought glory to the club a few months ago.

"Wow, Chelsea have sacked their manager!! It's a madness," tweeted Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand.

"Can't believe Roberto di Matteo has been sack after such a good record.Especially when I think he had 2cope with Terry scandals," said Louis Saha of Sunderland.

Chelsea fans are equally disappointed and shocked at the decision of the club owner to show the successful coach the door abruptly.

"I don't know what Roman Abramovich is doing. He seems to get bored after 50 games and sack the manager" The Sun quoted Clint Wildeman, 51, as saying. "Abramovich is ruining our team. He needs to make a decision and stick to it," said Barry Rogalsky, 54.

"A very harsh decision! Shows how fragile a manager's job can be," said Manchester City legend Francis Lee to The Sun, and ex-Tory minister and Chelsea supporter David Mellor said: "It's all very depressing. Abramovich and his cronies specialise in self-defeating ruthlessness.

"They remove Di Matteo who has gone from hero to zero in their minds - but not in the minds of a lot of Chelsea supporters."

Chelsea Football Club announced in a statement on Wednesday that they have parted ways with Roberto Di Matteo.

"The team's recent performances and results have not been good enough and the owner and the Board felt that a change was necessary now to keep the club moving in the right direction as we head into a vitally important part of the season," said a statement from the club.

Di Matteo was replaced as the manager of Chelsea on Wednesday by ex-Liverpool coach Rafa Benitez. It was earlier speculated that either former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola or former Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez would take up the charge on a short basis.

Benitez is Chelsea's ninth manager ever since Abramovich took over the club in 2003.