Bigg Boss 7
Bigg Boss

Reality television show Bigg Boss Season 7 has gotten all the more interesting with the wild card entry of Vivek Mishra.

Mishra, a relatively unknown face has interesting credits to himself. He is a Yoga trainer but just not any ordinary one. He supposedly specialises in naked Yoga postures and techniques.

Just as Mishra's revelation of his profession came to light, some of the inmates of the house were seen raising eyebrows while others like Sangram, Kushal and Apoorva were seen bitching about Mishra's being effeminate.

A search on Mishra in the search engine led us to the Yoga teacher's intimate photos with bikini clad women enjoying a pool party. In the photos, Mishra is seen embracing skimpily clad women and looks intoxicated.

Though, Mishra also boasted of his Hollywood clients as soon as he entered the reality show's house, no immediate search results were available.

Reports have further stated that Mishra is also an alleged rape victim. He had accused Raja Chaudhary, actress Shweta Tiwari's ex-husband of attempting to sexually abuse him.

Incidentally, Raja Chaudhary, too was a former Bigg Boss contestant and created quite an impression with his over the top antics.

With Mishra's controversial profile, it is assumed that he is a probable contender to the house's history of notorious contestants like that of Dolly Bindra, Imam Siddiqui, Raja Chaudhary, Rakhi Sawant and Kamal R Khan.           

Since the Bigg Boss house has merged into a single area after the demolition of the Hell side, it will be interesting to watch how the Yoga teacher gets along with the entire household.

This season's first wild card entry model Asif Azmi made a comfortable space in the house, however, he had his share of confrontations with fellow contestant Armaan, Andy and Sangram on separate occasions.