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Ever since the coronavirus outbreak began, the World Health Organisation has been on the receiving end of criticism for acknowledging the COVID-19 risk in its initial days. First, it was late to declare COVID-19 a pandemic, and then there were accusations by the US President Donald Trump that WHO is under the control of China.

While there are people who criticise WHO, there are others who still have faith in the organisation's aim to improve health, serve the vulnerable and keep the world safe, which is crucial in these times of COVID-19 pandemic.

Director of McGill International TB Centre, Madhu Pai, was witness of the backlash WHO is getting and anyone who supports the organization are not spared as well.

"I'm sad and shocked that the easiest way to get trolled these days is to say anything positive about WHO or talk about it's importance. The loss of faith in WHO, justified or not, must be addressed proactively. It cannot be left to chance," Pai tweeted, expressing his shock.

WHO responds

In response to Pai, WHO communications director Gabby Stern said the organisation has been on the receiving end of such criticism and political propagandists since January this year. The WHO communications director, with his statement, took a sly dig at Trump.

"Why are you surprised, Madhu? We've been persistently and grotesquely targeted by ;  for half a year. The lies are venal. The imagery is often violent, pornographic and racist," Stern tweeted in response.