"Bachelor in Paradise" season 2 star Carly Waddell recently opened up about why Kirk DeWindt dumped her in the final week of the dating reality show, and it seems to have something to do with his affection for another woman.

Waddell, who thought her relationship with DeWindt was progressing well, was shocked when he informed her they wouldn't be going on a Fantasy Suite date, despite giving her a rose.

Waddell soon packed her bags and left the show, and during "After Paradise," she confronted DeWindt about dumping her.

What went wrong between the two? "Kirk actually had an ex at home that he couldn't get out of his head…so he went back to pursue what he had left at home. He said the more the weeks went on…the more he felt like he was stepping backwards to her…instead of forwards with me," Waddell dished to Ali Fedotowsky, a former "Bachelor" star.

Waddell said she did not mention DeWindt's girlfriend during "After Paradise" because she felt it wasn't her place to do so. Although she expected DeWindt to open up about the other woman, he too kept mum.

As for the status of DeWindt's relationship with his ex, Waddell said she wasn't sure if they have patched up.

DeWindt has been receiving a lot of flak from fans for dumping Waddell and leading her on. But Waddell has urged fans to forgive him, as she has already moved on in life. Waddell has also gone on a few dates since her stint on "Bachelor in Paradise", but she hasn't found love yet.

Waddell did not find love on "Bachelor in Paradise", but her best friend Jade Roper got engaged to Tanner Tolbert in the finale. Talking about the newly engaged couple, Carly said they are the "real deal."

"Jade is GLOWING. She is so in love it's ridiculous. Whenever she gets in a funk (mostly because she couldn't be with Tanner until after the show...) I would say 'Jade, go call Tanner...he will cheer you up' and within a second of hearing his voice, she was giggling and smiling," Waddell said.

Calling Tolbert the perfect counterpart for Roper, Carly said she was proud to call both of them her friends.