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A 17-year-old boy recently revealed how he spent the last six years of his life preparing for a global catastrophe. Alex Mason, who is known as the 'doomsday prepper', stockpiles canned goods and has taught himself survival skills and takes his emergency supplies with him wherever he goes.

According to a report by, Mason of New Hampshire, USA explains the reason behind this preparation by saying: "All you need to do is look around you at the state the world is in today, to see how many things can go wrong."

He added: "I hope things will get better, but I need to know how to protect myself and my family if they don't."

Alex and some of his friends started this journey six years back after several news coverages of atrocities happening all over made them realise its importance.

Mason has now also set up an Instagram account along with his friend Myles Allen to inform people about the same.

He said: "I take an emergency backpack with me everywhere I go full of supplies like water, first aid items and enough food to last me a couple of days so I can get home safely."

Alex is busy preparing for the end of the world— his preparations are not limited to any specific scenarios — like a world war or natural disasters. He tries to keep it as broad as possible.

"It struck me just how many ways it could all go wrong. I had no idea at the time there were people out there actually preparing for this stuff, but as I researched, I came across a few survivalists," he revealed. "I realised there was this whole community out there."

He tried to learn survival skills from Youtube and Instagram. By now, he has already mastered several skills like first aid, bushcraft — which includes shelter building, how to forage — and starting a fire.

He said: "Some preppers spend hundreds of thousands on getting things ready, but I've actually barely spent anything, apart from on my food stockpile. It is possible to do it for very little money."

Alex and Myles share their experiences on Instagram to help other people by sharing tips and reviewing various equipment.

"We venture out a lot overnight to put our skills to the test, which has been hugely educational, " he said. "When we first started out, we ventured in the woods one freezing night, and the temperatures dipped well below freezing. We didn't have the correct equipment at all, so we learned a lot from that about how important it is to be prepared."

Although he gets all the support from his friends and family, he faced some negativity online. "Some people call us insane and mock us, but there's also a lot of support," he revealed.