Chris Soules with Whitney Bischoff and Witney Carson
Chris Soules with Whitney Bischoff (C) and Witney CarsonFacebook/The Bachelor

"Bachelor" star Chris Soules' exit from "Dancing with the Stars" could work wonders for his relationship with fiancée Whitney Bischoff, as recent reports indicated that his closeness to dancing partner Witney Carson has caused a strain in their relationship.

Bischoff has since returned to her job in Chicago, but Soules is optimistic that she will soon join him in Arlington, Iowa.

"My life has changed forever, but thankfully I live in the middle of nowhere and can hang out there, be incognito for a while," he told People. "Eventually she [Bischoff] will be moving to Arlington and we'll be beginning our life there. I'm excited to just get back to what I'm good at. Dancing is not what I'm good at."

He also addressed rumours of a rift between the two, saying her absence has nothing to do with trouble in paradise. He also added that the two are in love, and that they can't wait to start a life together.

"We're together and we're in love and we're handling this like two adults. She's got a life too and she's got a job, and she's got a career and she's doing that. She's got to do what makes her happy," the 33-year-old farmer from Iowa told Us Weekly.

However, a "Dancing with the Stars" insider noted that Soules alleged split with Bischoff could be permanent, as he is no longer interested in pursuing a relationship with the fertility clinic nurse. He has become so enamoured with fans and life in Los Angeles that he is apparently planning to stay back and make a career as a host for big events.

"His ego has grown out of control, and he now has a publicist, and manager!" the source told Radar Online. "He would love to become known as a host for big events. Chris has become obsessed with living in Hollywood, and loves the fame he got from being on 'The Bachelor' and on 'Dancing With The Stars,'" the insider noted.