Racist woman
Racist womanIBT creative

Even as racism is vastly frowned upon, there are people who still treat people differently based on their race, color or ethnicity. Despite many incidents having started global protests against racism, more and more continue to take place in our very neighborhood. There's no shortage of acts of racism being caught on tape by its victims, and sometimes by the racists themselves. It's as shocking as it gets.

One such video went viral, where a white woman's actions baffled the viewers. But towards the end, she gets confronted and taught a lesson she wouldn't forget.

The 'I'm white' rant

The video starts off with a white woman yelling "I'm white" to a black man and his wife can be heard defending her husband as she steps out of her car. The quarrel had started after the racist woman used the N-word to address the African American and she wasn't sorry about it. In fact, at one point during the video, she offers $100 to make it up, instead, she gets thoroughly shamed for her actions.

Shockingly, she gets back in the car to drive off and uses the N-word again in the sense to abuse the couple. Watch the video below: