Since January 2021, Adarsh Gourav has been the talk of the town, not just in Bollywood, but his reach has extended beyond the national and cultural boundaries of the Hindi film industry. Despite stellar A-listers such as global star Priyanka Chopra and Rajkummar Rao, Gourav managed to shine on his own. Did you know that he had already collaborated with top stars from the Hindi film industry? 

The White Tiger

Adarsh Gourav's Bollywood appearance

In the popular film, My Name Is Khan, which had marked the reunion of on-screen romantic couple Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan, Adarsh Gourav had a significant role to play in the film. Adarsh had played young Rizwan Khan, the younger version of the same character essayed by Shah Rukh Khan. While Shah Rukh's presence and delivery of dialogue gave Rizwan's character more strength, it was Adarsh Gourav who gave the character, strength, story, and soul which was carried off later by the superstar.

My Name Is Khan is also one of the films where star kids Ananya Panday and Suhana Khan were expected to make a cameo, however, Karan Johar had removed their clip since he had felt the girls had been acting way too much than the scene had demanded. 

Adarsh Gourav has recently been nominated for the BAFTA awards. His name had been alongside stalwarts such as Anthony Hopkins, Chadwick Boseman, Mads Mikkelson. This big win on an international platform would mark a huge boost to his career as an actor, and the Hindi film industry may begin a healthy system of co-existence, where talents with or without connections with the insiders of the film industry can have a chance to survive together.