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Game of Thrones has paved the way for an increasing number of fantasy drama shows. The list is endless and adding its name to it is The White Princess. The show features Jodie Corner in the lead supported by Jacod Collins-Levy, Michelle Fairley, Essie Daivs and Vincent Regan. It also stars The OA's Patrick Gibson.

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The American-British television series is set in 15th Century England during the country's most politically turbulent time. The show is based on the novel by Philippa Gregory. The book is a part of The Cousins' War book series.

According to Deadline, the story begins as one of England's most politically turbulent times – The War of the Roses – is coming to an end. An uneasy peace is achieved when former King Richard III is defeated at the Battle of Bosworth, and the victor, Henry Tudor, soon-to-be King Henry VII (Jacob Collins-Levy), is married to Lizzie (Comer) – a princess from a rival house and Richard III's former lover.

But there are a few more things you need to know about the historical drama...

  • It is miniseries spread across eight episodes.
  • The White Princess picks up three days after the conclusion of The White Queen, as a new generation ascends the throne in a tale of power, political divides, family, love, and betrayal.
  • The Wars of the Roses is important to the show as the story of The White Princess starts when the war ends. According to Screener TV, the War of Roses was a series of battles to win the English throne. The first conflict took place after Edward of York took the throne from Henry VI after it was claimed that Henry VI had lost his mind. After Edward IV died, his brother took over and became Richard III – everyone basically hated this guy. Lancasters fought back and put a distant heir, Henry Tudor, on the throne. He became Henry VII. The White Princess picks up directly after this conflict ended, when peace has just been restored.
  • The show will focus on Henry's struggle to overcome his weak claim to the English throne and Lizzie's attempts to influence and overthrow her husband Henry to bring the House of York to power.
  • "The politics of the whole country are told through the lens of that marriage. The sacrifice the two of them make is to give peace to England by marrying someone they absolutely hate, so the war is now moved into this very personal relationship and into this marriage," series showrunner Emma Frost told TV Insider.

The White Princess is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, April 16, 8 pm EDT on Starz.

Watch the trailer here: