"The Whispers", the thriller series which airs on ABC, is only half-a-season old, but it is already creating waves.

In the previously aired episode 7 "Whatever It Takes", we saw parents of young kids, including President, trying to make sense of who or what Drill is, and how he can be destroyed. "A Hollow Man", which marks episode 8 of the ABC series, will pick up from the discovery that the destruction of the blue rock will not kill Drill and how the adults will deal with the increasingly tense situation.

Sean (Milo Ventimiglia) and Claire (Lily Rabe) are searching for a man, who apparently went through the same ordeal as Sean almost 30 years ago. Fans know that Sean was in a plane when he saw the alien blue rock and crashed the flight. He lives with the "thing" aka Drill for three months, before he touches the rock. He knows the Drill like none else in the show so far.

"I lived with this thing in my head for three months... It is intelligent; it is manipulative," Sean had told the President and other dignitaries in the war room in "Whatever It Takes". There is another man, who had his own deadly encounter with Drill over 30 years ago, and Claire and Sean hope that he can help them tame the alien.

Meanwhile, Lena (Kristen Connolly) is interacting with Drill through her daughter Minx (Kylie Rogers) and the alien had agreed to making a deal with the mother. And then, in the promo for the upcoming episode, Minx is seem warning someone that her "mommy is going to do something bad". Following this, Lena is seen shooting someone twice, as Claire yells "NO!"

Could Lena be trying to kill Sean at the behest of Drill? Find out on Monday, 20 July, at 10 pm (EST), when season 1 episode 8 of "The Whispers" will be aired on ABC. You can also watch "A Hollow Man" by live streaming it via ABC Go.