Shalini Ajith
Shalini Ajith with a fan.Ajith Fans Page

Her husband may be a big star, but it has not stopped her from leading a simple life. Yes, we are talking about Shalini, wife of Ajith Kumar. Time and again, it has been proved that she likes to stay away from media glare and loves to lead a normal like others.

Here is one more proof that clearly tells that she is simplicity personified. A few pictures of her with a fan are doing the rounds. While the former actress has apparently made a fan happy by posing for a selfie, the pictures showcase that the smart-phone or expensive phone bug have not bitten her!

It is because the selfies apparently reveal that she still has a basic GSM phone. If we are not wrong, the wife of Ajith is holding a white Nokia 1100. The picture has now gone viral on social media sites.

Going by the reports, Ajith too does not use an android phone and only has a simple cell phone for communication. Hence, Shalini using Nokia 1100 has not taken fans by a surprise.

The other attraction in the photos is that she is seen with her son Aadvik.

Shalini was a popular actress who worked as a child artiste in over 40 movies and as a lead in over 10 films. She married Ajith in 2000 after falling in love while shooting for 1999 hit film Amarkalam. Their first child Anoushka was born in 2008 and Aadvik was born in 2015.

Shalini with kids
Shalini with kidsShalini Ajithkumar/Facebook