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If you have already tried out the new Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, you should know by now that there are as many as nine different races in the game for you to pick and choose from. Further, these nine races have been divided into three distinct alliances.

That being said, if you purchase the Imperial Edition for the game, one of the many features that will be included in the bundle is the ability to play as any race, under any alliance and gain access to the Imperial race.

And if you have indeed spent on the Imperial Edition for the game, there could be some hesitation regarding which is the best race in the game to play as. So, here we bring you the breakdown of all the nine races present in the game.

Elder Scroll Online Race – Breton

Bretons are the most human-looking race in Elder Scrolls Online. They are known for showing mastery in swordplay and spellcraft, including bonuses to magicka, spell resistance, light armour and conjuration magic. The Templar would be the best class to take advantage of the Breton's abilities. Also, due to their swordplay buff, Bretons are a good choice for Dragon Knights.

Elder Scroll Online Race – Redguard

From a distance, Redguards may seem like humans, and more so after they don their thick armour, but in reality, they aren't. Redguards possess bonuses for shield usage, stamina regeneration and increased power. Again, Templars are the best class to choose from when playing Redguard since they use shields more often than others. Also, the stamina regeneration and increased power come in handy as a Templar.

Elder Scroll Online Race – High Elf

They are the typical Elf type in the game. The High Elf class have an affinity towards magic and offer buffs for increased spell damage and the rate at which they can replenish magicka, meaning they are best suited for the Sorcerer class. Apart from that, they also work well as Dragon Knights.

Elder Scroll Online Race – Orc

As you may expect, Orc is a cross between a human and a wild animal. While they possess human-like facial features, they also have snake-like fangs that distinguish them. These guys have bonuses for both heavy armour and health regeneration. For this race, a Templar is more versatile than a Dragon Knight, but it seems like either class will benefit from the traits offered by the Orc race.

Elder Scroll Online Race – Wood Elf

Wood Elves are more human than any of the Elf races in the game. Wood Elves stand out in archery, stamina and stealth, making them one of the best races for the Nightblade class (Note: their stamina works well with almost any class, including Templar and Dragon Knight). Dragon Knights, however, seem like the best fit for the Wood Elf race.

Elder Scroll Online Race – Argonian

These guys look like lizard people. While they walk around on two legs like others, they also have lizard-like features, including a tail. Argonians carry bonuses of healing, poison resistance and restoration, making them the ideal healing class. Try out the race with the Nightblade class if you are on your own.

Elder Scroll Online Race – Khajiit

You can instantly recognize anyone from the Khajiit race as their faces resemble that of a lion or a panther. This is an animal-like race and is the most agile race in the game. These guys specialize in melee combat and stealth, making them best for either Templar or Nightblade classes. If you are feeling adventurous, you could also try out the race with the Dragon Knight class.

Elder Scroll Online Race – Nord

Another human-like race in the game, although this one offers bonuses to two-handed weapon combat, frost resistance and health regeneration. The Nord race is best utilized if mixed with the Templar class. Apart from that, their two-handed skills suit well the DragonKnight class.

Elder Scroll Online Race – Dark Elf

The Dark Elves' default darker skin tone set them apart from the other elf races in the game. These guys specialize in high agility and intellect, apart from bonuses to dual wielding, fire magic and fire resistance. This is an ideal class for a Dark Elf is the Dragon Knight, since there's fire-based magic and dual-wield options on offer. This is a perfect choice for Dragon Knight.

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[Source: Prima Games]