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Are you hooked on to Destiny's newly released DLC House of Wolves and its immensely captivating Trials of Osiris PvP mode? If so, we are sure that you will require all the help you can get to choose the best PvP class that will suit your style of gameplay.

So which are the best PvP classes on offer for House of Wolves' Trials of Osiris mode? We take a look at all the classes in Destiny.


  • One of the best things about the Voidwalker is its access to a number of top grade grenades and melee abilities, not to mention the extremely powerful Nova Bomb.
  • Voidwalkers can launch an effective offensive against the enemy with the help of Radiance instead of holding it back to revive itself. For that matter, a Nova bomb can take out an entire team, alongside the Voidwalker ability, to go rogue and take care of guardians.
  • Apart from access to Nova Bombs, Voidwalkers also offer Axion Bolt grenades to disrupt enemy movement. There are homing missiles that will make the enemy back off or take more damage than usual.
  • You can also deploy Scatter Grenades with the help of exotic gauntlets. Voidwalkers can also make use of the new exotic helment called The Ram which can Life Steal almost at will. You can also equip Skull of Dire Ahamkara to ensure that Nova Bombs will explode.


  • There are a number of people who have a poor opinion of the Striker class, since they make comparisons with the ones present in the previous Prison of Elders PvE.
  • That being said, compared to other classes, the Striker class almost always is required to stay on its toes and be extra careful.
  • Two most effective Striker abilities in Trials of Osiris PvP are Fist of Havoc and Shoulder Charge. For Trials of Osiris, Strikers have to carefully plan their offensive strategies beforehand, since it is way ahead of the normal Crucible.
  • Strikers without an aerial benefit will need to get right up to the enemy to use their super. Being Striker is all about speed and there's no point playing as one if you take longer to time your Fist of Havoc or Shoulder Charge.


  • Bladedancer is probably the best class in the entire Trials of Osiris. These guys are known by their charged Arc blade that can deal so much damage to the enemy.
  • For Bladedancer, both the Hunter classes have incredible PvP supers that can win you an entire round alone. But the Arc Blade super is what sets the Bladedancer apart from others.
  • Sure Arc Blade requires the Bladedancer to be close to the enemy, but it still has a little more advantage since it is harder to miss or mess things up.
  • Those who play Bladedancers will need to be a little patient and wait until the opportunity arises. Their natural speed and damage resistance will be enough to take down anyone standing in their way.
  • Bladedancers also make the most of their invisibility option and can launch surprise flank attacks on opposing teams. They have useful passive abilities as well.
  • There's Fleet Footed that increases slide distance, helpful for shotgun users, alongside Quickdraw that allows Bladedancers to quickly ready their weapon.


  • Gunslingers, like Bladedancer, also rank high in the list of the classes that are most effective in Destiny's Trials or Osiris PvP mode.
  • Their Golden Gun super will allow you to eliminate an entire team in mere seconds. Hence, Gunslingers use this ability while keeping a safe distance from the enemy team.
  • However, outside the Golden Gun super, Gunslinger can be a tad difficult to control and play. Most of Gunslinger's abilities are PvE bound, making them more vulnerable as soon as the PvP side of things kick in.
  • Even if the Gunslinger uses the Golden Gun super, know that the super can miss the enemy or can be blocked, thanks to a Defender bubble.
  • The best way to master Gunslinger in Trials of Osiris PvP mode is to practice a lot in the normal Crucible.


  • Sunsinger maybe a big thing in the game's PvE mode, but it does take a hit, as far as Trials of Osiris PvP is concerned, although a few will swear by its ability to revive using Radiance and Fireborn.
  • For experts in Trials of Osiris, choosing Sunsinger is all about saving rounds. For rookies, however, this is like accepting certain death with open arms. It is suggested you go for some other class for the time being.
  • For those who are indeed looking at the Sunsinger class, know that these guys have access to the very sticky Fusion Grenades that are quite powerful when deployed. You could even deploy Flame Shield for critical damage during melee fights.
  • Sunsinger is a fine choice, as far as classes in Trials of Osiris are concerned – but to only those who have gained sort of expertise in the entire thing.


  • Again, the Defender class is one of the best classes that you can think of in the Trials of Osiris PvP mode. As far as PvE is concerned, Defenders are already a big thing, thanks to their Ward of Dawn bubble.
  • Defenders come as a valuable part of any Destiny fireteam. The Defender helps in sticking the team together and work as a unit to counter whatever the enemy team has to throw at them. With Ward of Dawn, the team can defend against numerous enemy attacks.
  • For Defenders, whether they choose Blessing of Light or Weapons of Light, there will always be an added bit of advantage over the opposing team.
  • Apart from that, Defenders also come with offensive tools such as Magnetic Grenades that will deal damage almost instantly. There's also the Suppressor Grenade that becomes a lethal weapon of choice if timed correctly.

Which is your favourite class in Trials of Osiris? Let us know in the comments section below.

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