Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Cheran
Cheran is the ninth contestant to enter Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house.PR Handout

Cheran's decision to enter Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house has met with mixed response. While a section of people are happy with his presence as it helps them to know more about his real-life character, a large section of his fans are unhappy to see him struggle and face humiliation in the house.

He is a four-time National Award winning filmmaker, but his achievements have no value inside the show as he is just another contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil. But what the fans are not able tolerate is the insults that he is facing from other inmates, who are yet to prove themselves in film and television industry.

Last week, Meera Mitun made a strange allegation on Cheran of "manhandling" her in a task and try to project him in a negative light. Following this incident, there was an outrage online over her behaviour and the question of why the filmmaker entered the show started haunting the fans as there is a history of big names damaging reputation after taking part in the show.

Now, Cheran has revealed why he entered and who advised him to be part of Bigg Boss Tamil 3. When a contestant raised the questions during a task, the 48-year old said, "I tasted my last success in My Autograph after which I have seen a lot of struggles over making films. Money is the one of the reasons why I am here, but I decided to enter the house based on the advice given by Vijay Sethupathi,"

"He convinced me that Bigg Boss will be a good platform to share my life experience, especially with the rural audience which might get to see them positive things from my journey," he added.