Woman with a Suitcase
Woman with a SuitcaseYou Tube/Screenshot

Woman with a Suitcase is an upcoming South Korean period drama which is scheduled to air its first episode on MBC tonight, September 26, at 10pm KST.

The Korean mini-series revolves around the life of a lady named Cha Geum Joo. It features the ups and downs in her life as she continues to chase her dream of becoming a successful defence attorney. The character is being portrayed by actress Choi Ji Woo of Winter Sonata firm.

Watch Woman with a Suitcase episode 1 live online here to know more about Geum Joo and her dream. The premiere episode of the Korean mini-series will also be available online here.

Meanwhile, MBC has released a 46-second-long trailer of the new period drama introducing the lead cast members of the show. The clip begins with a shot of Ji Woo's character walking with a briefcase in her hand.

Next in the line is the male lead Hahm Bok-geo, who is a former prosecutor-cum-head of a tabloid company, called K-Fact. The character is being played by actor Joo Jin-mo of A Frozen Flower fame.

In the promo, Bok-geo is seen sitting in the court room along with a lawyer named Ma Seok-woo, played by the Vampire Prosecutor star Lee Joon.

Through the trailer of Woman with a Suitcase, the viewers even get a glimpse of a controversial case that connects the two lead characters with each other. The clip ends with a shot of Bok-geo urging Geum Joo to accompany him somewhere.

The promotional video of the period drama also teases its viewers with a tagline, which reads (dramabeans): The case becomes a scandal which turns into melodrama.

Watch the trailer of Woman with a Suitcase episode 1 below: