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The honeymoon period will be over for Jamie and Claire on "Outlander" when the series returns for its midseason premiere on 4 April.

The midseason finale saw Jamie (Sam Heughan) arriving just in time to save Claire (Caitriona Balfe) from Captain Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies), and although he succeeds in his mission, things don't go as planned for the newlyweds.

A sexy reunion will take time as a sneak peek shows that Jamie isn't too pleased that Claire got herself captured.

"You think to punish you I went for a walk in the woods on the chance that some British soldiers would be walking by?" Claire asks, to which Jamie points out that she deliberately disobeyed him when he had ordered her to stay put.

"You think I'm your property, don't you?" Claire asks. "You think I belong to you, and you can't stand for someone to have something else that belongs to you."

"You do belong to me, and you are my wife whether you like it or not," Jamie tells her.
Claire is going to feel frustrated at having to live life where a wife is expected to obey every whim and fancy of her husband, who is from the 18th century.

Based on book spoilers, what's ahead for Claire is a good-old spanking because she disobeyed her husband. "What we have to remember is in that time, that was acceptable, and it's not that Jamie is a horrible person," Balfe told TVLine, adding that Claire gets the final word. "She always does."

Meanwhile, Jamie will be seen doing a lot of soul searching this season, and this is expected to bring the couple closer. According to Heughan, Jamie will be wondering if he really wants to be married, "have a family, be [head of his family's estate] and have responsibility?"

In the course of the seasons, fans will also see the Fraser siblings butting head.

"Outlander" Season 1 returns to Starz on Saturday, 4 April, at 9 pm EDT. The midseason premiere can be watched online through www.starz.com.