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How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) season 3 premieres tonight, September 22, at 10 pm EST on ABC. Episode 1 is titled We're Good People Now and it will reveal the killer of Wallace Mahoney.

The sequel will also focus on the various challenges faced by Professor Annalise Keating and her associates, including Bonnie Winterbottom, Asher Millstone, Laurel Castillo and Michaela Pratt, as they try to forget their past and lead a normal life.

Watch How To Get Away With Murder season 3 premiere live here to find out the whereabouts of Frank Delfino, to meet the killer of Wes Gibbins' father as well as to know what is in store for Connor Walsh and Oliver Hampton.

Here is the official synopsis of HTGAWM season 3 episode 1, titled We're Good People Now:

"With Wallace Mahoney's murder unsolved and Frank's whereabouts unknown, the "Keating 5" struggle to move on with their lives as they enter into their second year of law school. Meanwhile, Annalise's reputation at Middleton University is on the line, so she creates a criminal law clinic where the students will compete to try their own pro bono cases. Annalise also wrestles with a decision involving Frank that could change everything, on the highly anticipated."

Meanwhile, creator Pete Nowalk spilled a few details about the mystery behind Wallace's murder and said, "If Wallace is actually Wes's father, that's a huge person in the life of our show, so I would hope that we would see him."

The executive producer even dished out about the biggest mystery of HTGAWM season 3 and stated that it will be introduced towards the end of the first episode. According to him, it will be very personal and related to the relationships between the lead characters.

For the popular onscreen gay couple, Connor and Oliver, Nowalk teased that it will interesting to find out how they are going to deal with the email deletion and whether they will continue to maintain their relationship or decide to break up.

The followers of HTGAWM can also expect to watch a few sequences between Annalise and her husband, since Tom Verica will reprise his role as Professor Sam Keating in the upcoming season.

"We're going to see Sam (Tom Verica) again. The great thing about our show is that even though it has murder in it and we tend to kill off some of these wonderful actors, we can bring them back in the flashbacks," The Hollywood Reporter quoted Nowalk as saying.

Apart from the lead cast, the ABC crime thriller will also line up a set of few faces in season 3, including actor Behzad Dabu of Chicago P.D fame, The Breakthrough singer Mary J Blige, Dexter star Lauren Vélez, Caprica actor Esai Manuel Morales and actress Amy Madigan among others.

Check out the trailer of HTGAWM season 3 premiere below: