Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry) and Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) will have new challenges to face in their professional lives when "The Good Wife" returns on CBS with the Episode 4 of Season 7 this Sunday, 25 October, at 9pm.

The episode is titled "Taxed" and it will introduce "The O.C." alumni Peter Gallagher as Ethan Carver. The character is described as a sophisticated and witty defence attorney of politically conservative businessman Reese Dipple (Oliver Platt). He is being sent to Lockhart/Agos/Lee with an aim to assure that the law firm works according to his client's agenda.

The description of the sequel indicates that Diane will not be really impressed with the lawyer and it could be because of his mindless bullying and intelligent debates.

Meanwhile, Agos might struggle with his career as he will be "caught between the people over him and beneath him" creating an interesting "comic strain for Matt Czuchry", teased executive producer Robert King (via TV Line).

Additionally, the followers of the CBS series can also expect to watch some fascinating and effective sequences of Eli Gold (Alan Cumming). According to cast member Julianna Margulies, the campaign strategist's new move will really have "domino effect" on everyone.

"If anyone follows Shakespeare, he's very Iago all of a sudden. He has a grand plan and he's scheming and it's quite frightening to watch, but really fun to play with," the actress told E!Online.

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The official synopsis of the sequel read as follows:

Alicia clashes with the bond court judge when she agrees to support a client's plea of innocence in a shoplifting case. Also, Diane is coerced by her client's counsel, Ethan Carver, to argue against her own beliefs in a case about physician assisted suicide.