Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) and his ex-wife Cookie (Taraji P Henson) are set to chase the abductor of their son Hakeem (Bryshere Y Gray) in the upcoming episode of "Empire" season 2. But it remains to be seen if the two are playing another dirty game with each other in episode 6, titled "A High Hope for a Low Heaven".

While a sneak peek video of the upcoming episode shows the hip hop mogul making all efforts to trace the whereabouts of his son, in another trailer cast member Taraji P Henson hints that he could be behind the kidnapping.

The actress revealed that the incident will create a new obstacle in Cookie's relationship with her ex-husband. According to her, Lucious knows that Hakeem is lot like Cookie and he is afraid of losing him to the system, but he "just wouldn't quiet". 

Earlier showrunner Ilene Chaiken also teased that Howard's character could be involved in the kidnapping of his son. "It's got a trade term — it's called a snatch-and-grab. It happens in the music business, in all kinds of celebrity business, but particularly in the hip-hop business. It really is the story in episode six, but the issue of whether or not Lucious and Thirsty have something to do with it is key to the story," Variety quoted her as saying.

The official synopsis of "Empire" season 2 episode 6, titled "A High Hope for a Low Heaven", read as below:

Lucious and Cookie must put aside their differences and work together as parents to protect their family and keep them out of danger. Jamal does his best to get back in the studio and break away from being defined solely as a gay artist, while Hakeem struggles with how to feel and act like a man. Meanwhile, Andre works to shut down a division at Empire, until he discovers a disciple in the midst of Lucious' Gutter Life records.

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Here is the trailer of "A High Hope for a Low Heaven"