Fireworks Dubai
Fireworks DubaiReuters

New Year 2015 is here and Dubai will have everything that will ever be worth seeing. This city is one such entity in the world, always referred to in the superlative -- Best, biggest, richest, most expensive and more.

Even when it comes to New Year's Eve, there is nothing that compares to the grand and spectacular fireworks and laser display bash planned for the New Year's Eve.

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Developer Emmar properties has said that the display and laser LED shows will be an attempt to showcase a never-before-seen magical and dazzling fanfare that will light up the entire city with mesmerising lights and colours.

Although it might not be easy to top last year's extravaganza, which broke the Guinness World Record by firing 500,000 shells in just six minutes, Dubai will be expected to do everything it can to live up to the name it has earned over the years for lighting up the New Year Eve's night sky like no one else. 

Downtown Dubai will be ablaze, creating a spectacle involving the city's signature show-stopping style of most advanced pyrotechnics and LED-illumination technology.

The abounding and overwhelmingly wealthy fireworks will be complemented by various styles of displays such as "strobe-light effects," "volcanic waves" and a "shower of stars". The jaw-dropping display of lights in Dubai will easily outshine New York City's Times Square ball dropping event, Forbes Magazine notes.

Going by the claims made by developer Emaar properties as cited by local newspaper The National, the city's light show will be covered in six-parts while the LED screens wrapped around the famous Burj Khalifa building is expected to create the brightest illuminations ever seen.

The first act of the show will include gold and silver strobe lights illuminating the tower before fireworks launched from buildings across Downtown Dubai will amaze viewers worldwide.

The second act planned for the day will include colourful lights and volcanic waves that will dress up the Burj, while the third will create a constellation of twinkling golden stars. The fourth phase of the act will present a wave of cyclonic light effects enveloping the Burj. The last two sequences of the spectacle will feature effects of quivering and trembling light sequins or disk-like patterns.

People will rush to watch the show from various vantage points in Burj Park and Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard.

The entire sequence of the brilliant firework and LED light show from Dubai can be watched online via live stream on the official YouTube channel of the organisers.

India is one and half hours ahead of Dubai. So when the clock strikes 12 on the night of 31st December 2014 in Dubai, It will be 10:30pm in India, and 11:30am EST time in US.