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Pakistan's first woman superhero animated series "Burka Avenger" will soon be fighting for the rights of women in neighbouring country India.

The animated cartoon series is slated for launch in India some time in April and will be telecast on Zee Network's children entertainment channel in four different languages: Hindi, English, Tamil and Telegu.

"It is launching on the ZeeQ channel which is a children's edutainment channel so it is the perfect fit for 'Burka Avenger'," director and creator of "Burka Avenger" Aaron Haroon Rashid said on Monday, according to Reuters.

"I am very excited to have Burka Avenger launch in India. The fact that Burka Avenger is being dubbed into a variety of Indian languages is a testament to the high production quality and great story telling of the show," Rashid said.

"We are rolling out a worldwide launch for the Burka Avenger series this year so it is fantastic that one of the first territories is India where we are able to reach such a large audience. Bollywood movies and Indian music are loved here in Pakistan so it is wonderful to have our Pakistani produced series being appreciated in India," he added.

Not only is the creator of the Pakistani girls' favourite superhero excited about taking the series to India, but ZeeQ Deputy Business Head Aparna Bhosle was also eagerly looking forward for its launch.

"Burka Avenger is an amazing show; both in terms of quality of animation as well as storytelling. We are always on the lookout for shows with themes that are relevant to Indian children and we are very fortunate that we have this show," Bhosle said, Dawn reports.

Each episode combines fun, action and comedy to convey a positive message. "'Burka Avenger' has won many prestigious awards worldwide and it will be our honour to showcase it in India," she added.

The animated series, which first came on television on 28 July 2013, has so far won George Foster Peabody Awards, the same year it was first launched in Pakistan and a few others, including International Gender Equity Prize and Asian Media Award.

It was also nominated for International Emmy Kids Award for Animation and Time magazine had named the protagonist, burka-clad Jiya, as one of the most influential characters of 2013.

An introduction to the characters of "Burka Avenger" – a tale of the city Halwapur

Jiya or the Burka Avenger – The society knows her as the "inspirational school teacher", but she uses burka to transform her identity as a superhero every time "evil is afoot", describes the website.

Jiya's power is "Takht Kabaddi - a secret ancient mystic martial art where books and pens are primarily used as weapons in conjunction with a variety of advanced acrobatic moves" - which she uses to defeat the evils.

Kabadi Jaan is the "kind, wise, old man" who "adopted Jiya as a young orphan child" and taught her the art of Takht Kabaddi.

Ashu is a young school student who idolises teacher Jiya. "She is very concerned about the future of the girls' school and wants to be a teacher or doctor when she grows up."

Immu  is Ashu's twin brother.

Mooli is a cute little boy who is always seen with his pet goat Golu. He is also best friends with Ashu and Immu. This goofy character is known for getting into trouble every time. Mooli and his pet Golu love eating mooli.

Baba Bandook aka Jaali Jadoogar (fake magician) is the villain of this animated world of Jiya. He keeps on finding new ways to "spread terror and take over control of Halwapur city" and destroy the superwoman Burka Avenger.

Tinda is the villain's sidekick and one of the evils who receives "most beatings from the Burka Avenger".

Khamba, on the other hand, is the brains of Baba Bandook. He is the one who comes up with all the evil ideas for Baba Bandook's plans and implements it, but steps back when it comes to fighting.

Munna is another sidekick of Baba Bandook. He follows his master's instruction without questioning and without thinking over it.

Robot Zalimnator is Baba Bandook's evil creation and is fearsome, "but without his terror chip, he is as docile as a doe".

Vadero Pajero is the cunning Mayor of Halwapur and a corrupt politician. He often "partners with Baba Bandook to accomplish his evil plans".