Actress Dena Tyler will make guest appearance in the upcoming episode of CBS comedy drama.Facebook/Bull

The new comedy-drama Bull will be back with another episode this Tuesday, November 1, at 9pm EST on CBS. Episode 7 is titled Bedside Manner and it will feature an egomaniacal client of Dr. Jason Bull.

In the new episode, Michael Weatherly's character is likely to face several challenges due to his new client. The short summary for the sequel indicate that the person is a surgeon with a God complex.

The new client of Dr Bull is being sued for malpractice and it is up to him to find a way out to reverse the negative effects that the person has on the jury. Click here to watch Bull season 1 episode 7 live online. Bedside Manner will also be available online on the official website of CBS.

The new episode for the CBS show will also feature actress Dena Tyler in guest role. She will be portraying the role of a new employee of Dr. Bull named Liberty Davis.

According to the official synopsis, the new character is the defence attorney of Bull's previous client and is being hired by the divorced psychologist mainly because he feels that Benny Colón might not be sympathetic enough to the jurors.

Since CBS is yet to release the trailer for Bull episode 7, there are no further details available on Bedside Manner. So ,fans of the comedy drama will have to watch the sequel live online to know more about the egomaniacal client of Dr. Jason Bull.