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Chris Soules' season of "The Bachelor" will premiere on Monday with a three-hour special, and the farmer from Iowa will have a pick of 30 possible candidates who will try to win his heart as the season moves forward.

ABC will live-stream the premiere special and fans can watch it online on 5 January at

Because the filming of the season is over and Reality Steve has already let out the secret on who wins the season, Whitney Bischoff is going to be under a lot of scrutiny.

The fertility clinic nurse from Chicago, Illinois, reportedly gets the final rose from Soules, and rumours indicate that they are already engaged. According to her ABC bio, the 29-year-old is totally old school, which would make her a perfect match for Soules. Her biggest fear is "Being alone. Never finding love or getting to have a family" and she wants a man who is somewhat shy.

Here are some things she cannot live without: "My planner (totally old school), money, my job (have to pay the bills), razor (can't stand hair), friends and family."

Soules recently opened up about her future wife to the media, saying he was totally happy with the outcome of the show. "I'm extremely happy and excited about the person that, I don't know, that won if you want to call that," he said, according to ABC, adding that the experience of taking part in the reality show totally humbled him.

"I felt very humbled and pretty excited for the opportunity and grateful for the opportunity and, for me, this is a big deal," he said. "For me to be able to meet very incredible women was a big deal for me. And I took a lot of pride in this process because I felt, you know, it's very important to me to find a wife and that is, you know, probably my biggest goal at this point in my life."