Television actress Ankita Bhargava (Ankita Karan Patel) will soon return to the small screen as the lead in an upcoming show titled "Vidya," which is based on corruption in the education system. The actress started shooting for the show last week and recently had a guest on the sets of her show.

Ankita's husband and "Yeh Hai Mohabbatein" actor Karan Patel paid a surprise visit on the sets of her show, India Forums reported. Apparently, the actor dropped in on the sets of "Vidya" to motivate his wife, who has been away from the small screen for quite some time. Ankita was last seen on "Reporters."

Confirming the report, Ankita said: "Yes. Karan came on the sets yesterday, to surprise me. I was so touched with my production team as well. Just because Karan was there, they did not call me for my shot and I was sitting and wondering why nobody was calling me for my shot. I was wondering why the delay. They actually wanted to give us some time and that is why they started with something else before they needed me on set."

"Vidya" will go on air June 13 onwards on Doordarshan. The show will revolve around a girl Vidya (played by Ankita) who gets embroiled in politics in the education system and will focus on how she works in restoring the value of the education.

"Ankita plays the titular role of Vidya, a teacher by profession. She is the main protagonist. But the cast that was supposed to be finalised for the show has been changed, except for Ankita. The casting for other roles has not been done yet. Everything is happening at the last minute," a source had told India Forums.