Rocking Star Yash is undoubtedly one of the best dancers in Sandalwood. Without a question, people would agree that he is the best dancer among his peers. Bollywood and South Indian actress Shriya Saran too was once impressed with this skill of the KGF star that ended up creating a controversy.

Shriya Saran and Yash
Shriya Saran and Yash in a special song.PR Handout

Yash's Special Song
It was during the making of Chandra, the film's director Roopa Iyer thought of casting Yash in a special song. The Rocking Star was slowly climibing the ladder of success and his popularity among the youths was also on the rise. So, her decision to rope in for the special number was considered a smart thinking.

The filmmaker approached Yash for the song and the Rocking Star agreed. Once the shooting started, Shriya Saran, who is much senior to the Kannada actor, was impressed with his dancing skills and praised him for the same.

Shriya Saran's Appreciation
"He is impressive. Enjoyed working with him," Shriya Saran, who herself is a good dancer, had said. The song slowly started gaining popularity. After the actress praised and the song started gaining popularity, the makers started promoting the track with posters to attract Yash's fans. Unfortunately, this was when the issue between the hero and Roopa Iyer started.

Shriya Saran and Yash
Shriya Saran and Yash in Chandra.Screenshot

It went to an extent where hero Prem refused to promote Chandra. In one interview, Roopa Iyer slammed him and said, "He has become insecure over Yash's song. This is one of the issues he is having with us," the director said.

Later, Prem said that he was not having any issue with the KGF star and he would attend the promotions if Roopa Iyer, keeping the ego aside, invites him for the promotions. The issue, then, reached the doors of Crazy Star Ravichandran, who asked Prem to promote the film, while advising the director to give due respect to the hero.

Upon release, Chandra bombed at the box office, but Yash and Shriya Saran's song remained in the memories of the audience.