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CBS will not be airing a new episode of "The Big Bang Theory" this Thursday. Season 9 episode 21, titled "The Viewing Party Combustion" will air on April 21 and it will see Sheldon and Leonard getting into an argument.

According to a leaked description of the episode, the duo will fight when Sheldon reminds Leonard about their roommate agreement meeting, to which Leonard doesn't want to go. However, his wife will take Sheldon's side when the roommates have an argument, and Amy decides to support Leonard. The others, including Raj, Howard and Stewart, will be forced to choose sides.

Later, when Leonard thanks Amy for supporting him, she reveals her true intention in taking his side. Amy sasses him saying she "could care less, I just wanted to take your side because Penny and Sheldon are so close," the description on "The Big Bang Theory" Wikia noted.

Bernadette will not be a part of the drama as she decides to stay home.

The leaked summary of the episode also stated that Raj will irritate Howard by constantly talking about dating two women. Initially, he complains about the difficulties in dating two women at a time, but later it turns into bragging and Howard will call him on it.

In other "The Big Bang Theory" news, actor Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj, recently spoke about the ending of the sitcom, saying the show has less time now than it did before.

"We have one more series in our contract, that's Season 10. Other than that I don't know. But I'll keep doing it for as long as they will have me," the actor told Bang Showbiz last week. "We could all have walking sticks doing 'The Big Bang Theory' Season 20. I think realistically there's less time left now than there was on the show before. Maybe it will go to 11, 12 or 13. I will do it as long as I can. But I think it is somewhere in that range."