Samantha on Pregnancy
Samantha reveals about her first baby plans.PR Handout

The rumours on Samantha's pregnancy have been doing rounds for quite some time now. The speculations and the questions have annoyed her at times and the actress hilariously mocked at a report on a website on Twitter, a few months ago. Yet the questions around it have continued to come her way.

Samantha Chats with Fans
Samantha got time to interact with fans on Instagram recently after her flight got delayed. She was asked by a few people on her plans of having her first baby for which the actress had funny response.

She posted the video and said, "All of those who are concerned about my inner functioning of my body. I am going to tell you. I am having the baby on 7th of August at 7 am in 2022." Thus venting out her irritation on the questions around her pregnancy.

Samantha's Child's Curiosity
Apart from it, the 32-year old apparently had a good time answering many other questions. One fan asked about the favourite aspect of her life. She said, "I guess I still have the curiosity of a child. I always want to learn and grow. I want to be a better person than who I was yesterday,"

On asking the secrets behind her beautiful skin, Samantha, honestly, said that the actress uses lots of products and indicated that she puts in a lot of hard work to look good.

Talking about pregnancy plans, Samantha, in an interview last year, said, "I have put a date as to when I want my baby. The date has been fixed! Like, as if that's going to happen according to the date we have fixed! But Chay seems to be certain that it will happen on the assigned date! But we have definitely fixed the timeline as to when we want to have a baby."

Samantha tied the knot to Naga Chaitanya in 2017 after being in love for two years.