ABC's medical drama "Grey's Anatomy" is on its winter break, and viewers won't be able to catch a new episode of the series until 11 February, 2016.

Spoilers on the mid-season premiere episode have been scarce. All we know is that the episode is titled "The Sound of Silence" and will be directed by Denzel Washington. But because the winter finale saw a lot of relationships hanging by the thread, viewers can expect a lot of drama in "The Sound of Silence."

Owen-Nathan beef: The mid-season finale did not reveal much about Owen and Nathan's beef. But based on rumours doing the rounds, it looks like Nathan was married to Owen's sister.
Kevin McKidd, the actor who plays Owen, said in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly that Nathan and Owen's issue has something to do with life and death.

"All I'll say is it's life and death. It's a life and death thing," McKidd said. "He's not ready to talk about it, but something obviously dreadful and awful has happened between he and Riggs. We will find that out. I can't tell you what that is, because that would spoil it. But it really triggers a lot of that dark[ness]."

Amelia-Meredith fight: Derek's wife and sister haven't been getting along ever since Penny entered the scene, and things took a turn for the worse when Meredith refused to tell Amelia why Owen hated Nathan.

Their argument resulted in Meredith asking Amelia to leave the house. It remains to be seen if they sort out their issues in the mid-season premiere.

April-Jackson divorce: The couple has been having a tough time ever since April left to take up a job as a military doctor. The first half of season 12 saw Jackson thinking of filing for divorce, and it doesn't seem like he has had a change of heart even after sleeping with her.