Cabinet Minister of Transport Diwakar Raote on Monday caught two policewomen red-handed in Mumbai when they were speeding away on a motorcycle without helmets.

"I was driving in my official car when I noticed the two women on a bike. They were flouting the Supreme Court guidelines to compulsorily wear a helmet. Had it been an ordinary citizen, police would have stopped the person and imposed a fine. But since the two were police personnel, they were going around scot-free," the minister was quoted by the Times of India.

After spotting the law enforcers violating traffic rules, the minister stopped them and reportedly ordered a traffic policeman to fine the constables.

Meanwhile, social media users appreciated the minister for setting an example.

Check out some of the online reactions below:

Vivek Kadal 

Woohoo! :-) that is really encouraging! #Traffic #Cops riding without helmets caught, fined by #TransportMinister