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Emmy Awards 2019 are finally out and Netflix's When They See Us actor Jharrel Jerome won his very first Emmy for his performance as Korey Wise. The young actor defeated other talented stars like Jared Harris, Hugh Grant, Mahershala Ali, and Benicio De Toro to take the award home.

The 21-year-old Jharrel Jerome breathed life into the character of Korey Wise and proved to everyone that he is here for a very long run. With an entire episode dedicated to his character's story, Jerome touched the soul and in the end made us fall in love with him for his dedication towards the character.

After winning the award, Jharrel Jerome thanked his mother and the entire cast and crew of When They See Us for his achievement. In his heartwarming speech, he said, "I feel like I should just be in the Bronx right now, chillin,' waiting for my mom's cooking but I'm here."

Netflix brought down the house after it premiered When They See Us back in June. The show is created and directed by the very talented Ava DuVernay. The mini-series takes the viewers to April 1989, when in New York, a couple of African-American boys were wrongfully arrested for the rape and physical assault of a white American woman. At the time of that alleged crime, the kids were only 13-15 years old.

As we learned from the show, these kids were wrongfully found guilty and had to serve sentences that changed the life of their families.

When They See Us is not the usual drama that simply tells you a story. Instead, it touches you where it hurts the most. The show not only talks about the story of The Central Park Five but also shows us how the family had to live and what they had do to make sure that their children come out of the prison as fast as they could.

While talking about the story and the pain that African-Americans have had to endure, Jharrel Jerome stated that according to him, "Our strongest stories are the stories of pain considering that's what we go through on a regular basis."

Jharrel Jerome will now be seen in a cowboy movie titled Concrete Cowboys. The movie is directed by Ricky Staub and will feature Idris Elba in the lead role.