Vijay and Junior NTR
Vijay and Junior NTRCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

A couple of days ago, the fans of Vijay and JR NTR were at loggerheads on social media sites over who is the best dancer in South Indian film industry. They had set a trend on Twitter and the people on both the sides had a long debate on the issue.

Now, the latest report has possibly calm down the situation among the fans of both the actors and have made the cine-goers have respect on both the stars. That is because Vijay and Jr NTR had a phone call following the success of the former's Diwali release Bigil (Whistle in Telugu).

The news has been revealed by none other than Mahesh S Konero, the distributor of Bigil in Andhra and Telangana. On his Twitter, the distributor revealed it by posting, "Happy to share this pic with our Thalapathy Vijay sir. He expressed his happiness for the way we handled #Whistle in the Telugu States.Bowled over by his politeness & humble nature .. And the best part ?? That was when Vijay sir and Tarak sir spoke to each other. [sic]"

He further added, "That conversation between the superstars was on phone. Vijay sir also expressed his gratitude for the support of Telugu fans and promised more interaction for #Thalapathy64 ... And he's super happy with the way that movie is shaping up :)"

His two tweets have ended the rivarly between the fans of Vijay and Jr NTR for now. In fact, his posts have got gigantic response on Twitter.

The first tweet has got over 24,000 likes with 5300+ retweets, while the second tweet has garnered 7,100+ likes and above 2,500 retweets.

Mahesh S Koneru had acquired the Andhra and Telangana theatrical rights of Bigil for a record Rs 9 crore. The movie has minted over Rs 22 crore from the two states.