Celebrities share their differences, and some have never got along. Shah Rukh Khan and Govinda have shared many years of rivalry. The two have had a dicey relationship, being in the same industry.

One time though Shah Rukh Khan had passed comment on Govinda during a show. The statement became a huge issue when those close to Govinda had misinterpreted it. Following the controversy, Shah Rukh Khan apologised being the bigger person for his comments.

Shah Rukh Khan and Govinda
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Shah Rukh Khan apologized to Govinda

A lot of things are said in Bollywood, and these statements can be terribly misinterpreted and twisted. Shah Rukh Khan who has ruled Bollywood for so long once made a slip on a TV show, getting carried away.

Shah Rukh Khan and Govinda have never seen eye to eye, for whatever reason. They've been cold and stiff towards each other. Even though they are respectful to each other, the lack of understanding makes the situation more sensitive.

Shah Rukh Khan on TV once said that Govinda can't do what he does. It blew up in the news and was taken in a derogatory way. Many thought the actor was being condescending and was insulting Govinda. Fans and the actor's family including his mother were hurt by the statement.

Shah Rukh Khan
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Govinda had told the actor that his statements hurt his mother and Shah Rukh felt guilty about it. Shah Rukh Khan later clarified that he had only meant he couldn't do what Govinda does and that the two had very different styles. He hadn't meant it as an insult, he in fact only said Govinda did certain things better, and even Shah Rukh had certain skills that could be better than Govinda.

He said to Govinda that it was just a misunderstanding. Govinda also forgave him and the incident became water under the bridge.