Bollywood isn't known for its friendships, it's also not known too well for camaraderie, even though stars try their level best to convince the media and the public otherwise. Still, when push comes to shove, ultimately like in any industry every once in a while colleagues may come to your difference.

In 2012, Saif Ali Khan was the centre of a media debate over an incident that took place at one Taj's restaurants in Mumbai, where it was alleged that Saif had beaten up an NRI. Following the event and extensive public and media scrutiny, at an event Salman Khan came to Saif's defense saying that the media had pounced on him and hadn't even respected his version of events. The actor backed it up by saying his family had been present when the incident had occurred. 

Salman Khan and Saif Ali Khan

Salman Khan came to Saif Ali Khan's defense

There's been a lot of talk about Saif and Salman's perception of each other. It's often assumed if Bollywood actors are seen as the competition they can never really see eye to eye. We often forget it isn't as simple or black and white as that. 

In 2012, Saif Ali Khan was caught in the midst of a public incident that landed him in a lot of trouble over engaging in a brawl with an NRI man from South Africa at a Japanese restaurant in Mumbai. The actor was being heavily criticised for his actions and was arrested for the same. Even though he was out on bail, and had apologised for his behaviour, the media didn't really pay attention to his version of events. 

Salman Khan at an event spoke about the hypocrisy and ruthlessness of the media, "They were all for the other guy, no one even bothered to find out about Saif's story." He questioned the media, "Have you heard that Saif's gotten into a fight before? Now, when you go into a restaurant, you're not going there to wreak havoc. You're going there to have dinner and have a few drinks or whatever, That's it. They were, they were not, I don't know. And, because my family was there as well." He also spoke about the other man's version, "I am sure he may be right, but then find out what the whole thing is." 

Salman said that there's no reason why anybody would want to get into a situation to beat up or be beaten up and that the media just went in because everybody was reporting on it without really trying to get at the truth. It's rare to see that kind of support, especially when speaking up and a vote of confidence these days is limited to a tweet or an Instagram story.