Rishi Jain and Russ
Rishi Jain and RussPR Handout

Celebrity jeweler Rishi Jain's fine artistic work is not just liked by Bollywood people, but also recognised by western celebrities. Even Russ premiered Rishi Jain's Billionaire Bracelet in his I See You Tour Part 2.

Rishi Jain has established himself as one of the most popular and trusted artists and celebrity jeweller in India. In the last decade, He has carved a niche for himself and now people in Bollywood recognise him as Jain the Jeweler. He is in good terms with several celebs like Sanjay Dutt and Chirag Malhotra and others who also follow him on social media. Rishi Jain has over 139,000 followers on Instagram.

Rishi is unstoppable as his popularity grows beyond Bollywood and India. There is also western celebrity drip scene with his exclusive bust down custom pieces.  

From the West, Rishi also recently collaborated with the trending, multi-platinum artist Russ with his custom made designed piece; "The Billionaire Bracelet". Russ was so satisfied with the quality and professionalism of Indian Jeweler Rishi Jain's workmanship that he premiered the bracelet at a performance in his hometown of Atlanta, GA on his I See You Tour Part 2 on October 24, 2018.

Rishi Jain's popularity and reach are not only growing in India but his bust down jewellery is being even recognised in western countries. Now he is holding an office in Mumbai, the heart of Bollywood, and he is planning to establish more offices across India. Rishi wants to work with more top names of India and wants to be the biggest and the most recognised Indian Jeweller of all time.