Due to non-stop rain throughout Tamil Nadu, several parts of the South Indian state are under water, with many people suffering and struggling without food or shelter.

The conditions in Chennai have been covered by almost all national channels for days, but a news channel has been receiving flak for its poor style of reporting on such a serious matter.

An anchor of Tez news channel, which is a part of the India Today group, is seen "standing in the floods" in a substandard morphed video to show the pathetic condition of people stranded in Chennai.

The video has gone viral on social media after it was uploaded on the channel's YouTube page, and netizens have been heaping criticism on the channel and its anchor. 

Some social media users have now predicted that the news anchor will receive an Emmy Award for her "performance".

Watch the viral video below:

Check out some social media responses below:

Tracy Shilshi

Tez channel anchor in knee-deep water..but wait, she's inside studio.. wat's going on?!! 

Thilak Raj

Does this VFX necessary ? Are you people mad or something... When people are struggling in flood, is this the way you portray it ? Your creativity failed miserably and your so called humanity is a shame.

Nikhil Kumar

She looks damn exaggerated and seems mocking out the situation..