Michael Jackson is hailed as dancing god, and in his time there were none who could do what he did. The dancer and singer had a huge fan following around the world, with the most notable names on the list. Hrithik Roshan himself was a fan of Michael Jackson's dance.

Arguably Hrithik Roshan often apes Michael Jackson's skill when it comes to dancing, with the smoothness that legendary dancer had. Undeniably Hrithik Roshan was also a fan. Few fans get recognised by their idols and favourite celebrities. Any fan would give an arm and a leg to meet their favourite celebrities, what if your idol came to meet you?

Hrithik Roshan and Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson came to meet Hrithik Roshan on set

Michael Jackson was known for his dancing, music and his big heart. While the singer landed himself in controversies, there's no debating the enormous skill he possessed when it came to dancing as a craft. Many dancers have aspired to be able to dance as well as he did. More than that Michael Jackson became a genre of dance himself. 

The dancer boasts a long list of fans and some of the biggest personalities in the world. Hrithik Roshan also comes in that list. Some can even see glimpses of MJ's style in Hrithik's dance, if you recall the song Bang Bang, then you know what we're referring to. Few MJ fans can claim that their dancing impressed MJ himself. 

Michael Jackson meets Hrithik Roshan

The dancing icon, however, noticed Hrithik Roshan, he'd heard about the Bollywood actor and about his dancing skills. Once when Hrithik Roshan was shooting in LA for Kites, MJ was coincidentally shooting for his music video in the same area. The icon decided to pay the unsuspecting actor a visit. 

When he walked on to set to meet Hrithik Roshan and introduced himself, Hrithik was speechless. It was one of the biggest acknowledgments the actor could have got. He even got a picture clicked with him to cherish the moment. Rakesh Roshan had spoken about the moment in an interview.